It seems like I have traveled a whole universe of feelings and emotions since the last time I posted anything in my blog.  The main reason why I have been missing from here was that my laptop was compromised with a virus that destroyed the hard drive away and with that action, most of my beautiful pictures were gone.  Losing those photographs, for me, was like loosing part of my soul and in a way my inspiration.  Other reason was that my life, romance, physical home, my stability, my job, everything was changing.  Sorting all my feelings, thoughts and emotions and trying to put an order in my life was difficult.

For the last few days I have been feeling the need to express and share some of the lessons learned in this little metamorphosis.

I am starting to collect new photos… accepting the fact that I lost thousands of them was tough. I had to mourn them and let them go. Finding the inspiration to take more was not there for a while, but I realize now that it was just evolving and a new phase of inspiration starting.

For a while now, I have been practicing to live the moment where I am, to keep gratitude for everything and to love… unconditionally and without expectations. Love everything and everyone for what they are and whom they are.

I have a new job that I enjoy. I have a new place to live—An old house which I needed as sanctuary as the house needed me to give it tender, loving care. We are a perfect couple.

Moments like this one, where I am in solitude, listening to Oscar Peterson in the background and feeling all gratitude inside and around me have become almost my daily routine. My life is not perfect at all. I could sit here worrying about everything that is not there or that it could be.

But that would be not enjoying my present.

What I would like to say to you today is this: Let go of your worries, take a deep breath, be grateful for everything, and give. Give the best of you… always!

Smile big! Love big! If I can be here and feel this way, you can too!

The title of my blog today: “Content” is exactly what I am feeling.

Pictures by Sandi Gamblin